Where To Buy Compost Worms

Where To Buy Compost Worms

Some of our new composters have been having trouble finding compost worms recently. Here are a few helpful tips for finding worms, from local breeders to big businesses!

Find local worm suppliers

We like to support local businesses whenever possible. Shopping online can be easier than driving out to a little farm to source your worms, and many small businesses sell their worms online these days, with most offering express shipping.

Worm vendors in your area

This directory allows you to search for online worm vendors in your area. There are options for the UK (along with Switzerland, Germany and more) if you scroll past the US list, and the directory seems to updated fairly often.

Well-known small businesses

Didn’t find what you were looking for in the directory? Here’s a list we compiled of the most recommended online worm vendors. They all come with great community reviews in gardening and compost forums.

Gumtree & Facebook Marketplace

Prefer to get your worms in person? You really can find anything on Gumtree. Try searching “compost worms” or “vermicompost” on any online marketplace and see what pops up!


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