Meet, Subpod.

Three in one - compost system, worm farm and garden seat.

Subpod transforms your food scraps into compost, an organic fertiliser for your plants – in one, easy to maintain, smell-free system.

Subpod is trusted by over 20,000+ gardeners in the United Kingdom, U.S.A. and Australia. We deliver right to your door, from our local warehouse in Swindon, England.

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1: Find the right Subpod for you and your garden

Our best selling Grow Bundle includes Subpod, a raised Garden Bed and a speciality tool used to mix your compost called an Aerator. The Grow Bundle contains everything you need to compost your scraps and grow food, herbs or plants in your backyard.

If you have an existing garden bed, then our second most popular product the Essentials Bundle is right for you. This includes a Subpod and an Aerator.

Already own an Aerator or would like to mix your compost by hand or trowel? Then you will only need to order Subpod.

Special offer - limited time only

Shop a variety of Spring bundles and save up to £82.00. Choose a free gift with purchase, buy 1 get one free deals and more. In celebration of Earth Day and International Compost Awareness Week, we will plant up to 8 trees with every Spring bundle order from now until the 9th of May.

2: Learn how Subpod works and how to compost

Subpod is a vermicomposting system – worms and microbes break down food waste and scraps and turn it into rich organic fertiliser. Learn how subpod works.

Composting can seem daunting, in this article we discuss how to make compost from kitchen scraps. If composting with worms is new to you, read everything you need to know about compost worms and where to buy compost worms.

Our free community, Grow Hub is very active with contributors ready to answer any questions you may have. Join in, ask questions, get involved in a great community.

3: Understand the relationship between composting and the climate

If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest contributor of greenhouse gases behind China and the U.S.A. Read up on why food waste is a big problem and explore our vision to make composting a part of everyday life.

4: Get help with Subpod

We've answered the most frequently asked questions about subpod. Explore our knowledge base of videos, articles and product manuals.

Alternatively, contact our friendly customer service team.