We’ve given this traditional garden tool a sustainable Subpod makeover. Translated from Japanese, ‘Hori Hori’ literally means ‘Dig Dig’, but this multi-tool trowel can do so much more than that.

Simpler gardening
Saw through tough roots and plant fibres. Dig, measure and plant. Lever your veggies out gently and leave fragile roots intact. Do it all, and more, with the Hori Hori.

Gentle on your hands, gentler on the environment
Enjoy the soft feel of your Hori Hori’s vegetable-tanned leather case. Every smooth FSC certified beechwood handle is a little different, with a unique grain to set yours apart from the rest.

Double the quality at half the price
Rust-resistant, stain-resistant – life-resistant. The Subpod Hori Hori is a brilliant eco all-rounder that will brighten your tool shed, without breaking your bank.

What’s Included?
1 x Subpod Hori Hori
1 x Vegetable-Tanned Leather Case
1 x 3 Year Warranty

310mm L x 40mm W