Our Garden Wear range is made entirely from 100% organic cotton and ethical hemp blends. Manufactured in a Fair Wear certified, solar-powered factory, our clothing has sustainability embedded in every thread.

Conscience without compromise
That’s the motto of our manufacturing partner, Hemp Fortex. Based in the seaside Shandong province of China, Hemp Fortex prioritises quality and sustainability for both their products and their workers.

Working in solar-powered facilities, employees enjoy fresh vegetables from onsite gardens during their lunch breaks. Fair Wear certified, no children or teens under the age of 19 handle any of the quality materials that go into Hemp Fortex’s ethical threads. As an organic cotton facility, farmers are protected from toxic chemicals, and EU approved dyes keep in-house workers healthy and happy.

The Hemp Fortex Foundation, founded in 2013, aims to help people affected by physical disabilities afford their medical bills and day-to-day lives. The foundation donates garments to the Leprosy Project in Sichuan, with hopes that the naturally antibacterial Hemp garments will assist those living with Leprosy.

The little things
Little details matter. Our tees are eco-friendly right down to their recycled PET size tags and FSC certified swing tags. We’ve left no stone unturned to guarantee that our threads are the most eco friendly available.

Wear your soil love loud and proud with our eco Garden Wear line. Keep a piece of your garden with you – no matter where you go.