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Modframe provides the basic structure to which your Modbed accessories can be attached. A 1 x Modframe pairs perfectly with our Trellis, creating a structure that supports climbing plants as they grow upwards. 

2 x Modframe pairs with our Greenhouse or Harvest Protection Cover, creating a protected space around your Modbed in which plants can thrive all year round.

With a heavy duty and durable aluminium construction, Modframe has a T-slot profile that effortlessly slots into the corners of your Modbed. It’s tough, it’s hardy and it looks great! 


  • T-slot profile made of aluminium with black anodised finish
  • Two cube connectors for rigidity and stability, made of 30% fibreglass reinforced polyamide
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Stainless steel nut blocks keep everything in place and allow for adjustable height.


Our three year structural guarantee gives you complete peace of mind in the quality of the Modframe.

All orders dispatched within 2 Business days! 

Delivered to your door from our local from our U.K. warehouse in Swindon.

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