Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle
Subpod Grow Bundle

Subpod Grow Bundle

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Composting food waste & growing fresh produce has never been easier. The Subpod Grow bundle is a garden bed, worm farm, compost system and seating area all rolled into one!

  • Smell-free and pest-proof
  • Composts up to 15kgs of food waste a week
  • Suitable for households of 4 – 8
  • Dual compost chambers
  • High quality steel bed with anti-corrosive zinc & aluminium coating
  • Food-grade stainless steel aerator
  • x2 Extra thick worm blankets included

Please note: Subpods and Compost Aerators are currently out of stock, but available to pre-order for a June 30th – July 5th delivery.

Our best value bundle, get everything you need to start composting, growing food and relaxing outdoors.

Compost worms team up with odourless microbes inside Subpod and transform up to 15kg of your waste into rich soil every week. Our Aerator keeps your compost healthy, so your Subpod will always be the best seat outside the house.

Your Subpod will be right at home inside our thoughtfully designed Grow Bed. Made from high-quality steel with an anti-corrosive aluminium and zinc coating – it’s guaranteed to last through many growing seasons. Taller than the average garden bed, your plants grow deeper and you sit comfier. Our Grow Beds are designed with an open base, ideal for most backyards but not suitable for balconies or decks.

Don’t compromise on quality or beauty in your garden, grow with Subpod.

1 x Subpod
1 x Grow Garden Bed
1 x Aerator

How it works

Subpod works like a little compost factory. Your compost worms, and the beneficial microbes that live alongside them, are the workers! They take food scraps and carbon items (like paper, leaves and coconut peat) and turn it all into rich compost that builds soil and helps plants thrive.

Being underground, Subpod creates a natural environment for compost worms. Having access to the soil means they can feed and breed as rapidly as they like, because there’s always room for their population to grow. Soil is an insulator, and in hot weather, compost worms will instinctively escape into soil to cool down. As the weather turns cold, it will keep your worms warm and active during winter (as long as the soil doesn’t freeze). Every time your worms leave Subpod, their movement aerates your garden soil and increases its nutrient content.

Subpod is an aerobic system, which means it promotes odourless microbes to boost the composting process, not smelly anaerobic ones. The unique 360 ventilation below Subpods’ lid keeps fresh air cycling through your system and, with weekly aeration, your compost will only ever smell like a forest floor.

75cm L x 45cm W x 43cm H

As per the diagram, 32cm of your subpod will be buried and 11cm will be above ground

120cm L x 90cm W x 45cm H

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Kirsty L.
United Kingdom
I recommend this product
I love my subpod!

The subpod is brilliant and I can’t wait to be making compost in super quick time. I love that I can now compost small amounts of dairy and meat too. My only criticism is that putting it together was so difficult that some of the plastic became damaged, I’ve a few friends that found the same. It’s still perfectly functional but it was very hard to put together single handed and now the lid doesn’t close as easily as it should.

Victoria D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Birthday present for my 10 year old

We loved building the Subpod and setting up the worms, then planting around it. Can’t wait to see them in action!

Linda S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Not as easy as is made out

It was challenging making the raised bed, but then I am a 70 year old woman with arthritis, but I did do it all by myself. I needed a little help putting the subpod itself together but it is well designed. The disappointing thing is that now I've gone to all this effort and installed the worms, they have all disappeared! I thought composting worms like to be on the top of the soil and didn't burrow down but they've definitely gone. They're quite expensive as well, but I may try another lot of worms. After that I shall probably give up!

Warren L.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Great composter

Composting with my Subpod has been super easy. I am so proud with how my family has come to appreciate the issue of food waste and even started eating our home grow food helped along by the worms. I say go for it. Super easy to assemble and use.

Karena W.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Well made great design

Was simple to put together, and the quality of the product is exceptional. What really stood out to me is the packaging was extremely ethical and we used it to feed the worms! I have recommended this product to everyone and visitors always ask about the subpod. Highly recommend