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In early 2019, the Compost Central team installed two large commercial Subpod Grow biosystems at Habitat, a live, work and play precinct in Byron Bay's Industrial & Arts Estate. Habitat is home to a restaurant cafe, a gym, a barber, many boutiques and fashion labels and many offices, and boasts swimming and recreational facilities. In collaboration with Habitat and the on site architects, Dominic Finlay Jones Architects, we designed and built the two garden beds to fit within the particular aesthetic of the surround facilities and space. The two garden beds, housing five Subpods each, are designed to process around 150kg of food waste per week each, which is more than sufficient for around 30 residents and guests (60 total) within the precinct. The food waste generated on site, which would otherwise be sent to landfill, is now kept and composted on site, is feeding and rebuilding soil, and is adding a constant source of nutrient to the herbs and vegetables being grown for the tenants. Given such a successful install, a great response from the tenants, and the efficiency of the Subpod systems, we have now been contracted by the developers to install Subpods right throughout the precinct - including in the new set of residences on the North side of the property, which will be home to more than 60 new residents by early 2020.

Watch the introduction video below.

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