Modbed Accessories

Everything you need for small space gardening all year round.

Turn your outdoor space into a food-waste fighting, compost producing green space that grows lush and healthy plants. Our ‘Modbed’ and 'Subpod Mini' worm farm come together to create a self-fertilising garden bed, now with accessories, it provides the optimal growing space all year found.



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Modbed Accessories BundleModbed Accessories Bundle
Modbed Accessories Bundle Sale price£67.50 Regular price£135.00
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Modbed Trellis
Modbed Trellis Sale priceFrom £5.00 Regular price£10.00
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Modbed GreenhouseModbed Greenhouse
Modbed Greenhouse Sale priceFrom £22.50 Regular price£45.00
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Modbed Harvest Protection CoverModbed Harvest Protection Cover
Modbed Harvest Protection Cover Sale priceFrom £15.00 Regular price£30.00
Modframe Sale price£25.00