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Getting started

These educational courses can guide you right through assembling your Subpod to harvesting your compost.

Assemble your Subpod
Part 1 of our getting started series. This quick guide will walk you through how to assemble your Subpod and avoid any common issues.

Assemble your Grow Bed
Part 2 of our getting started series. This quick guide will walk you through how to assemble your Grow Garden bed if you have one.

Plant your Subpod
Part 3 of our getting started series. Follow along with 1 of the 2 courses available and learn how to plant Subpod into a Grow bed – or directly in the ground.

Add compost worms to Subpod
Part 4 of our getting started series. Learn how to introduce your compost worms to Subpod and settle them in.

Feed your Subpod
Part 5 of our getting started series. This quick guide will teach you what you can and can't feed Subpod and how to start feeding your worms.

Harvest your compost
Part 6 and the end of our getting started series. This guide will show you how to harvest your compost and get the compost action going again.

General Courses

Learn how to compost during winter or restore balance to an overfed system!

Make a DIY timber seat for your Subpod
Personalise your Subpod by adding a timber seat to its' lid! Follow along with this course to create our signature wooden seat.

Install a Grow Bed on concrete
Our Grow Beds are designed to sit on grass and soil, but they can be easily adapted to rest on concrete. Start this course to learn how!

Compost during Winter
Learn how to keep your worms happy during winter with this in-depth guide. You can compost like normal all year round with just a little preparation.

Uproot and replant your Subpod
Moving house? This course will show you how to uproot your Subpod and replant it at your new property – with a few tricks on caring for the worms.

Fix an overfed Subpod
Overfeeding your Subpod can cause a few issues, but luckily there's a simple fix. Follow along with Peter Critch to learn how restore balance in your system.

Informative articles

Browse our expanding database of educational articles!

How to introduce worms into Subpod
If you prefer to read, follow along with this blog to learn how to get your Subpod ready for worms.

Where to buy compost worms
Some of our new composters can have trouble finding compost worms. Here are a few helpful tips for finding worms, from local breeders to big businesses!

Everything you need to know about compost worms
What's the difference between a compost worm and an earthworm? How do you hatch compost worm eggs? Read this to learn.

10 everyday items you can compost
We throw away a lot of stuff every day. Have you ever wondered whether some of the things filling up your bin might be better off in the garden?

3 ways to keep composting during winter
Composting during winter – it's a hot topic. Here are three proven methods that will help keep your worms cosy next winter!

How to regrow food scraps!
You know what's awesome? Regrowing a whole garden from your food scraps. Here's everything you need to know to start a Subpod scrap bucket garden!

Our recipe for the perfect seedling mix
We've found a foolproof seedling mixture and we're dying to share it with you. It makes sprouting seeds feel like a snap.

Create a backyard microclimate
Have you been conquered by the elements inside your own fence-line? Create a backyard microclimate that will keep you cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold.

How to use a Hori Hori
Our sustainable gardening tool, The Hori Hori, is an eco all-rounder that will brighten any gardeners toolshed. But what exactly is a Hori Hori, and how should you use yours?

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