Classic vs Mini

What's the right Subpod for you?

Household size

1-3 people

4-8 people

Compost amount

Up to 22lbs of food waste p/w

Up to 44lbs of food waste p/w

Will fit inside

Grow Bag, Modbed, Grow Bed

Grow Bed

Below Ground Depth

12" underground

12" underground


19.4" L x 17.7" W x 16.9" H

29.5"Lx 17.7"Wx 16.9"H

What you can compost in Subpod

Fruit & Berries

Vegetables & Leafy Greens


Tea bags & Coffee Grounds

Egg Shells & Dairy

Bread, Grains & Nuts

Meat & Fish

(small amounts)

Paper, Cardboard and Leaves