The Subpodcast is for the people who dream about a greener planet, who are curious about life, and it's especially for people who don't know the first thing about composting or gardening! We all start out as beginners, so let's figure it out - together.

Special Guest Episodes

Ginger Zee

This episode features Ginger Zee – meteorologist, reporter of natural disasters and successful author. Ginger talks about the life of a storm chaser, inspiring children to fall in love with science and her lifelong passion for gardening.

Find Ginger's Chasing Helicity trilogy and her autobiography Natural Disaster: I cover them. I am one. online at your favourite stores!

Kevin Espiritu

Kevin Espiritu, known on YouTube as Epic Gardener, has built a huge online audience as an Urban Garden Guru. He speaks about a 30-day challenge he recently completed, where he could only eat food he grew, traded or foraged for, and how he went from an online gambler to an online gardener!

Find Kevins' new book Field Guide to Urban Gardening online at your favourite stores.

Ronni Kahn

Peter Critch sat down with Australian social entrepreneur Ronni Kahn AO. Ronni is best known as the founder and CEO of food charity OzHarvest, and was behind the creation of the NEST program. In this episode, she speaks about food waste, the importance of charity in a time like COVID and why we should value food.

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